Lane Master Pro Bowling Instruction Guide Tool.


Lane Master Pro Bowling Instruction Guide Tool.
Starting at $65.00

The Lane Master Pro is not a toy but a terrific and versatile tool for any bowler, bowling coaches, instructors and pro shops to explain and demonstrate ball motion, foot movement, target establishment, spare shooting and so much more.

Hi, this is coach Clint, I have been coaching people from the ages of 5 to over 80 years old for over 18 years, and it has been a dream of mine to find a way to show bowlers a simple way to learn how to make adjustments on the Bowling Lanes to make more spare, strikes and even the tough splits.

I along with Dave Janelle from creative crafthouse, have come up with a new teaching tool called, The Lane Master Pro.

Even the size of the Lane Master Pro was created to provide an easy way to carry and demonstrate its teaching ability to other bowlers. The lane itself is approximately 18"×4.5". All board lines and text are laser engraved into the maple for both Beauty and durability.

There are five ball motion curves that will show a straight bowler and two hooks for both right and left handers. The motion curves can be pinned into position at selected Target boards to show impacts of how moving feet right or left will affect ball path.

The pins are removable and can be set up for a strike shot or various spares including split shots.

There is a male bowler and a female bowler that can be interchanged into the slot on the ball motion path.

The Lane Master Pro comes with a handcrafted cloth drawstring carry bag.

We can also custom laser engraved into the board the name of your Bowling Center or text of your choice. If you decide to have Engraving please email what you want to Clint 51 there will be a $7 charge for any Laser Engraving.

To see video of how to use THE LANE MASTER PRO, Watch it on YouTube Here

Design by coach Clint Bullock of Spring Hill Lanes and Dave Janelle.

Made in Hudson, FL. Copyright 2016 Creative Crafthouse

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Product was shipped on time, I received the package with in the specified time. As a ten pin bowling coach [ YBC ] I knew this product was well worth the investment as a teaching tool. The Lane Master Pro Bowling Tool was well received by both youth kids and the other coaches. Every body now has a visual aid to help them sight the ball properly as it goes down the lane. The guide tool is well made and can handle a lot of usage. It is a great idea, Thank you.

A great bowling tool would absolutely recommend this to any bowler interested in improving there game

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