Coach Clint

Hi my name is Clint,
I retired from the Fire Department in New York.
Before I moved from New York, I bowled on my fire department team for about a year, and to be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing.
Then I moved to Florida and after about a year, a friend of mine name Jimmy from New York came to visit me for a week.
One day we went to practice and Jimmy watched me bowl, and for the remainder of the time that Jimmy had to visit me, he tried to teach me how to throw a bowling ball the right way,but then Jimmy’s trip came to an end and he had to go back to New York.
As of now, my average is 215, and because of the help I received from a friend, I now have become a bowling coach for the past 20 years helping youth bowlers as well as adult bowler’s , some over the age of 80 years old.
I along with Dave Janelle of Creative Crafthouse, have come up with a new teaching tool called, The Lane Master Pro.
Because of my dream and desire to help others, so much thought and planning has gone into the best way to reach out and teach others how to improve their bowling, and I believe I have achieve this with the Lane Master Pro teaching tool.

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